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dm88 features:
  Operates at up to 2.1 kW at peak
 • 270 Watts continuous into 8 ohms
 • 500 Watts continuous into 4 ohms
    (Continuous – Halcro power ratings are measured at continuous power unlike many

    competitors who publish measurements tested at peak ratings)
 • Distortion of less than 500 parts per billion at full power (20kHz). Immeasurable at normal

   listening levels
 • Four input options: 

   ◦Balanced voltage input  ◦Unbalanced voltage input  ◦Current input  ◦Minimal path voltage input
 • New universal power factor corrected power supply which automatically operates from 85V

   through to 270V RMS.  Superior reliability with heavy shielding
 • Discrete codes for On/Standby trigger. This simplifies the remote control of the amplifier by

   another source component
 • Series and common mode filtering on the mains input
 • Superior industrial grade components used throughout the circuitry to ensure perfect audio

   reproduction and maximize reliability
 • Drives all loudspeakers, including electrostatics
 • Solid Mahogany feet